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20 interesting facts about iplace: introduction to the Ukrainian office

It's a long time since we in iplace told you about the agency's inner workings: how we started, what kinds of clients we work with now, what services we provide, how many people we have in our team, what we are proud of and what we do.


We decided to gather EVERYTHING that should be of interest to those who want to make friends with us, become a partner or order the personalized marketing services.


Let's go! Here are 20 interesting facts about the Ukrainian team of iplace.


1. iplace has been in the advertising market since 2011.


2. Before becoming a personalized marketing agency, we have come a long way: we were a media-buying agency, then a local media agency and since 2015 we found our calling and develop the direction of personalized digital marketing.


3. In 2014 there were only 6 people in the iplace team. In 2021 there are more than 35 of us.



4. The 6 people at iplace who have been with the agency since the beginning are still with the company, which is more than 10 years. =)


5. This year (2021) the Ukrainian office of iplace celebrated 10 years' anniversary of the agency in Barcelona. Before that all the anniversaries, starting from the 5th anniversary, the team spent not in Kyiv too. We went together to Berlin, Odessa, Lviv, Bukovel, and even conquered Hoverla! Our friendly team conquers not only the mountains, but also the goals we set together with our clients.


6. In 2020, we implemented more than 1,182 advertising campaigns. In 2021 this figure will be even higher!


7. Over the past three years, the agency's advertising turnover was more than $20 million.


8. Every year our clients exceed their business figures by 5-37%.


9. 3 534 153 088 total views in 2020 were received by iplace clients' advertising.


10. Among the clients of the Ukrainian team of iplace now are the biggest companies in Ukraine: Varus, Eldorado, Watsons, Yves Rocher Ukraine, Karavan, Luxoptika, Stellantis Group, Uklon, Forward Bank, Biosphere Corporation, Epicenter, Kovalska, Pernod Ricard, izibank, Polpharma, Bactoblis and others.


11. The average Customer Lifecycle of a iplace client is three and a half years. We know how to build long-term, trusting business relationships where we have overall responsibility for the client's business.


12. The services we provide to businesses are the following:


- data analytics,

- development of digital strategies,

- banner and video advertising,

- Programmatic solutions,

- Performance marketing,

- ecommerce,

- advertising in social networks,

- mobile advertising and mobile application promotion,

- Location-based advertising,

- personal advertising on the basis of Big Data.


13. In addition to promoting clients' businesses, we also cooperate with agencies, and this is how we can be useful:


- media buying and consulting,

- leasing of advertising offices,

- media analytics,

- media strategy development,

- campaign planning and launching,

- advertising campaign effectiveness analysis and monitoring.


14. We have Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner status and have premier support from Google. Here's what this means for iplace customers:


- every one of our clients receives strategic and technical support from Google and Facebook in Dublin,

- all the latest tools and services, betas of new products released by Google, Facebook and Instagram are available to iplace customers immediately after launch,

- advanced Facebook analytics tools, recommendations and reports are available through iplace's Preferred status. This all improves our clients' business.

- iplace regularly receives recommendations on creatives, ad campaign optimization from Facebook, so our clients are always confident that their ads are working properly,

- in order to maintain our Preferred Marketing Partner status, iplace constantly learns and qualifies through special exams from Facebook. This makes our team stronger, more effective, and for clients, it's the assurance that their business is in good hands with qualified professionals.


15. We have a direct contract with Facebook and we provide advertising office rental services.


16. iplace has two proprietary products: Granit and Calco. Calco is a mathematical model for calculating additional TV audience reach using the Internet, and Granit is a tool for automatic personalized advertising.


17. Ukrainian team of iplace is a permanent participant of the Effie Awards Ukraine, the most prestigious award in marketing communications. We have become finalists and shortlisted 5 times.


18. Our CEO, Bohdan Levchenko, not only owns iplace Ukraine and Portugal, he is also:


- a lecturer at the Bazilik School of Communications,

- Deputy Chairman of the Internet Advertising Committee of the Ukrainian Internet Association (InAU),

- a member of the jury of the Effie Awards Ukraine since 2017. In 2021 Bohdan will judge the first and second rounds of the contest,

- a participant of the Ironman triathlon competitions,

- a four-time marathon runner.


19. How not to mention the representative office in sunny Portugal! The Portuguese iplace office is located in the capital city, Lisbon. We opened in Europe three years ago, and here's why we managed it all: Elena Bakalo, co-owner of iplace Portugal, moved from Kyiv to the homeland of azulejo and pasteis. Since then iplace has been conquering the European market. Who knows, maybe next year we will discover some new country and iplace will have a third representative office. =)


20. We cooperate with creative agencies and together we develop incredibly creative and effective projects for our clients. One of our regular partners is Vertigo Agency. Our joint successful projects for Forward Bank and Pernod Ricard have already been recognized and received positive feedback from the audience. Wait for the cases!