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Does Programmatic have a future?

Quite a few articles have been written about Programmatic. Yet, for the most part, those materials contain lots of technical information, intricate collaboration diagrams and clever abbreviations (DSP, SSP, DMP, etc.). 


Most advertising agencies and clients still find this product complicated and difficult to understand. In Ukraine, the share of sales via Programmatic accounts for 10.8% of all media purchases of digital ads and shows only 1.1% of growth compared with 2016. In the U.S.A., for instance, this figure is now more than 60%.


I have decided to share my thoughts and try to answer the question: does Programmatic have a future in Ukraine?


In simple terms, Programmatic is a system with a whole set of automatic methods for buying ads on the Internet, which transmits only the right adverts, to the right audience and only if a relevant rate is applied.


In other words, Programmatic is equally beneficial for all participants of the process: those who place ads, those who publish them and those who ultimately see the ads. Such an advantage makes the system a panacea for all the pains of marketing.


Despite the obvious benefits, many marketing experts stay away from Programmatic. So, does this system have a future?


In iplace, we actively utilize Programmatic technologies and see impressive results. It is the use of this service that underlies the success of our best cases.


So, I am not going to maintain the suspense until the end of this text – I'm sure that Programmatic does have a future. Let me give you some arguments.


⭐️Programmatic can select an audience with incredible accuracy


It would be a no-brainer for Programmatic to find a specific narrow audience. You can target your ad at an audience that has particular preferences, is of particular age, has particular geolocation, habits; select people depending on the gadget they are using or only show your offers on the right days of the week.


Previously, it seemed unbelievable that among numerous users we would be able to select, for example, pregnant women and transmit our advertisements to them. Not so long ago, with the help of Programmatic, we managed to select not just mothers-to-be but mothers in a certain trimester of pregnancy. Just imagine how many more targets could be reached by automated advertising.


⭐️This is a transparent service


An advertiser can buy ad displays in two ways: through direct sale or auction. Any advertisers can bargain for a deal in an open auction, and not only those shortlisted in a closed one.


Direct sales or Programmatic-direct are suitable for those who exactly know the publisher they want to place their ads with. You can make a fixed-price deal with or without a guarantee of ad display. This makes Programmatic appealing to those advertisers who do not wish to participate in auctions.


⭐️ You don’t make a nuisance of yourself with Programmatic


It’s a myth that consumers hate ads. They only hate ads that pop up in the middle of a favourite TV series and suggest buying lawn-mowers while they (consumers) have been living in a rented apartment for many years in a row. But if you know that a particular user has got tired of paying the rent and has considered more than once moving to an apartment in the suburb, you would rather offer him good lending terms. Then he would think twice before having an ad blocker installed. Since ads may help and not just be a nuisance.


And the Programmatic system is a sponsor of accurate data about users.


⭐️You cannot survive in the sphere of online marketing without Programmatic


Today, more than 8 billion devices connected to the Internet are registered worldwide. According to forecasts, there will be about 50 billion of them by 2020. Just fancy how much effort, resource and money you will need to attract an audience without automated buying.


⭐️With Programmatic, you will be able to amaze your nearest and dearest


Times change, and maybe your girlfriend no longer likes the idea of you climbing into her window with a bunch of flowers and a wedding ring. And making a proposal of marriage in the form of a banner on her favourite website would be just awesome! This is only one example of a custom-made gift or a reminder of you.


So, I will repeat myself – yes, Programmatic has a future!