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The way we found and attracted target audience for KredoBank

Creating an advertising campaign for a target audience is always a challenge. Such campaigns require precise targeting of a particular audience with a specific set of interests, requests and places of visit.

In order to cover as many representatives of target audience as possible, it is necessary to use various communication channels and advertising tools.

This is what we performed in a recent advertising campaign for KredoBank aimed at promoting lending and leasing services for agribusiness.

Since it was the performance campaign, the purpose of which was to receive applications, we created a landing page offering agro-credit and agro-leasing.

The next goal was to send relevant traffic to this page.

We needed to find and make contact with a very specific audience: male 35+ with high income who work in the agricultural sector for at least 18 months. We also realized that the usual approach for implementing the performance-campaign would be insufficient to fulfill the target KPI's and that's why we divided our strategy into two components:

Standard approach: we identified the sites which target audience visits with high probability, compiled the core of search queries in Google and determined what off-line activities this target audience may visit.


To implement the first part of the strategy, we selected the most relevant tools, such as:


- Facebook

- Gmail

- Search advertising on Google

- Display ads


Non-standard approach. We understood that our audience has specific professional interests and attends specialized events.


So, we decided to use additional advertising tools:

- Ads based on geolocation

- Special project with a popular information resource


As the aim for geotargeting we chose an agro exhibition  a professional event that is visited by very motivated and interested in agro innovations audience.

The special project was an analytical PR-article dedicated to the Ukrainian agricultural sector: a review of the current situation, a description of prospects and so on. In addition to the PR-function, this article also played another role  the collection of cookies of all users for subsequent retargeting. After all, if a person is interested in special professional material, it indicates that he is involved in agribusiness and is most likely our potential client.


As a result, using a combination of all the listed advertising channels allowed us to exceed the conversion plan by more than 25%.


Don't be afraid to use new tools and approaches to solve non-typical tasks, explore and apply non-standard solutions. Digital allows using so many different tools for achieving impressive goals, so all the tools should be used.