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What is Brand Lift and why you should try it

Is there an opportunity to learn how the attitude of target audience to the brand has changed as a result of the advertising campaign? Was target audience interested in the brand? Are people ready to make a purchase and does the brand stand out from the competition?


Brand Lift will get an answer to every question mentioned above.


Brand Lift is a tool that will help you evaluate the impact of video and, in some cases, media advertising on various brand metrics:

- Brand Awareness
- Consideration
- Favorability
- Purchase Intent


The first two metrics are measured by interviewing users. In this case, two groups of survey participants are formed: those to which the client's video was shown, and those to which it was not shown. The answers of both groups are compared.


To measure interest in the brand, we analyze and compare the volume of search queries for branded keywords among users who saw the video and among those who did not see it.


To use Brand Lift, AdWords advertising campaign should meet a number of parameters:


 - Duration of the campaign: at least 7 days (or when reaching 10 thousand users interviewed)

- Applies only to new AdWords campaigns (with no impressions yet)

- The video ad has not yet been shown on TV and in other media (preferably, but not necessarily)

- TrueView In-stream campaigns only

- Non mobile campaigns (desktop or mixed campaigns)

- The video corresponds to the overall AdWords policies

- A video ad clearly shows the brand and / or product at the beginning of the video (preferably, but not necessarily)


Thus, we can recommend Brand Lift as a convenient tool for measuring the impact of an advertising campaign on the attitude of the target audience to the brand.


We have already applied Brand Lift for one of our clients. At the moment, we can not disclose the numbers, but we promise to share all the details soon. Stay in touch!